Health Insurance

Private healthcare insurance is not meant to replace the National Health Service. It is only meant to supplement the healthcare that you already have. It is essential that when you are looking for UKATA Training you know the importance of getting private healthcare insurance.

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Skip the queue

The best thing with this insurance is that you do not have to queue for hours. The waiting list of National Health Service has been subject of debate for a long time. Despite the fact that treatment is not going to be immediate with the private health care insurance, it is still faster.

Choice of hospitals

Private medical insurance policies have a list of hospitals that you can choose. Your decision is mostly going to be based on where you are located. If it is not an urgent treatment, you will be able to choose one to your liking. In case of an emergency, you are going to be rushed to the nearest National Health Service hospital. Not only are you free to choose the hospital to go to, but also the consultant that is going to treat you.

Private room

If the idea of sharing a room with other sick people makes you sicker than you already are, then private medical insurance is your best option. Some people are going to be admitted to a private hospital, the private wing of a National Health Service hospital or a separate ward. Although the amount of allowance is going to depend on your policy, the main thing is that those who have private insurance are going to benefit a lot from having a private room.

Specialist treatment

Due to the amount of pressure that NHS face, new and costly treatments are not going to be available. With private insurance, you are going to get access to drugs and procedures that most National Health Service do not have access to. You are going to get some treatments that are not yet approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Unrestricted visiting hours

When you are admitted to a National Health Service hospital, it is hard for family and friends to come and see you for more than a couple of hours. This is due to the fact that visiting hours are limited to a few hours. If you are in a private hospital, you are going to have the pleasure of seeing your family and friends when it suits you.

Continuity of care

With this insurance, you are free to choose your own medical practitioner. This means that you are going to benefit from having the same doctor throughout your entire stay and even after you have been released as an outpatient. Despite the fact that all doctors are qualified, seeing the same familiar face is going to give you some assurance in a hard time.

Avoid infection

National Health Service has had bad publicity in regard to the high rate of infection. One of the main reasons for getting private medical insurance is to avoid getting health acquired infections. When you are in a private hospital, you are going to benefit a lot from a clean and safe accommodation.