Answered while you’re on  the site and many agents may not be Dental Care Information aware that they can take enrollments over the phone you certainly can with  all enrollments for the power smile plans must be done electronically there are no paper enrollments no paper checks  are allowed with enrollment in the power smile plans a B C or D or singular plans and so this is a pretty new development  so we we at one time did accept paper enrollments but it’s gone to a paperless product and here are the plans that are available

I want you to note that the  there is a -month wave period for these major services here and if you have prior coverage you can have those be waived and there’s no upper age limit on Delta Dental you need to be eighteen  to enroll but there’s no upper age limit we’ve had some you know hundred and three we had a hundred and three year old woman enroll in our adulthood dental plan so that was pretty exciting and so here’s  our plans we have a B C and D D is our is a new plan that’s added ortho for dependents under the age of and so that’s a really good value add for these plans here is our singular plans and these are for the Twin Cities metro only these plans have no waiting period 

It is a very small network of providers and so you’ll always want to check if the provider that you are going to is in the singular network and I’ll show you that when I get to that website so like I said singular is only available  in Minnesota for agents in North Dakotan Nebraska police bear with me as I go through the info for the Minnesota agents some of you may remember that the singular plans is dedicated solely to individuals -plus now anyone plus can enroll in the singular just like plans ABC and D the key features to  singular are there are no waiting periods it’s a very small what network of providers there is a dollar annual max for this plan and that it for major services the plan pays a dollar amount a set amount for per procedure and so anything over that set amount would be out-of-pocket for the member as

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