With this clear aligner therapy and using one dental insurance maine application at the beginning this case was treated in eight dental insurance maine  and so in eight weeks time we can have this and so eight weeks later aligned.

dental insurance maine
dental insurance maine

Probably what their chief complaint was eight weeks is only two months so we go from seven months to two months in a mild case where we’re dealing with one micro steel perforation the reduction of the where time can be.

All the way down to somewhere between three to five days so you’re cutting out two-thirds of the time here instead of seven

Months you’re doing this in two months taking out two-thirds of the time a good to percent to reduction in in time can make this a very quick and comfortable and really easy case for a patient to handle another case by dr. Thomas Shipley is treated with clear aligners and one micro osteo perforations technique and the idea here is .

These before photographs show a little bit of crowding the slightly deep bite and if we were treating this with a clear aligner therapy this is something that would probably take about ten months ten months is a fair estimate for treatment.

Time for a case like this but including one micro osteo perforations at the beginning of treatment this case is reduced to a three month treatment time and in those three months dr. Shipley is able to achieve this result a correction of the crowding and the deep .

Bite so the patient has an improvement in their arch form and their arch with and also in their overbite and overjet they have their canine protection it looks like nice posterior

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