I have a doughy  type consistency Ameritas Dental  a hard consistency  there it is right now go ahead and bite together  we want to make sure there’s clearance I’m just getting serious plenty of  clearance here okay all right so Ralph what we’re going to do now is we’re going to take the impression for.

The  bridge we’ll need a full tray cheese and so what we’ll do is we’re going to have you bite into this impression material goes  around your teeth into this tray here let me try the tray in just go ahead and bite together just like that is that comfortable it doesn’t hurt or a pinch.

Anywhere okay open and then so that’s all there’s to it is it takes four minutes here just going to bite together you can swallow I’ll sit you up a little bit if you need to and in four minutes  we take it out and then we make your temporary bridge don’t worry about her it’s her fare we buy together all the way okay it’s all like that I will delete is this like that tell me.

Ameritas Dental This okay let’s try this  at the later bit here because I’m going to use the flow verbal gently bite down and hold is this like that I’m going to take your bite gently tap tap tap it a couple times open no more to tell you that it’s leaving hi I’m  gonna take off.

The blue mark nobody except Jeffrey Brown are you bite you cuz okay yeah are you all right that’s it so I’m gonna the seat think I’m gonna go . you think this is nice with your fun good about health insurance open enrollment get answers is a production of-tv in association with.

dental insurance maine

benefits of Ameritas Dental

  • The north Carolina Hospital Association you hello and welcome to this special Ameritas Dental presentation of health insurance open enrollment get answers I’m Mitchell Louis and today we will cover several  items that you the consumer need to know before selecting your open enrollment health insurance plan for.
  • The upcoming year first we’ll discuss the ways costs can be controlled by you the consumer in your healthcare needs we will also look at how your company insurance plans may  be changing for the upcoming year and what you need to know before selecting a level of coverage will also look at the Affordable Care Act policies and how to enroll as more click here https://www.dentalhelps.com/ameritas-dental/ 
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