Searchers dental insurance texas that put a reputation of that study of dental insurance texas the Clarence study into the same journal a few months later so that’s available to and we can also send anybod 

dental insurance texas  link on it’s a very good reputation of that study and showing a lot of the link to about the holes the problems.

Misleading parts of that study or just.

Those links in the comments later because I know you know there are some people that that like to dig into the research and they like to look into you know the information that’s really there and that’s great so we encourage everybody to do.

 That and get as informed as you can so you know let’s go back to the kids cavities part and the fact that pudding okay so ask you which question do I want to ask you first is putting fluoride into the water the most effective way if let’s just say .

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas

That fluoride was needed for the cavities is putting it in the water the most effective way of getting it into our kids teeth well first of all you have to say that fluoride is not needed for a single body function it’s not needed for anything in the body vitamin D that .

We put in milk sometimes we put things in salt like iodine or other supplements those are all central for everybody for what he needs for wedding function teeth teeth teeth but flora does not needed for a single body functions so right .

There it shouldn’t be added to water yeah nothing should be added to water because we have some of the best water in the planet and so having anything to the water is I think a bit of a crime but yeah it’s not needed for any body function so right.

There okay okay so yeah so and you’re asking about cavities then yeah so you know is it really effective to be putting it in the water it’s not if the reason if the argument is you know they’re still gonna stick to their guns on this study and say you know .

The companies have increased and the argument is fluoride if the water is going to help that is that actually the most effective way to do so that’s a really good question because there’s so many other ways to get your fluoride okay and that also gives people choice if you put .

A little water people don’t have a choice everybody gets it in their tap water they get it when they bath and shower they get it when they cook it’s it’s really ubiquitous this everywhere but if you so if you use varnishes gels

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