How do you sign up if you’re receiving Social  Full Coverage Dental Insurance Security benefits you should be automatically enrolled in a and B but check with your local Social Security office now what I found in my experience if you are receiving Social Security you would likely get a postcard from Social Security saying.

full coverage dental insurance

We’re going to start Part A and Part B unless you tell us not to and again a is going to start no matter what B is the one that is optional if that is not the case you need to contact Social Security to initiate your Part B coverage so and again there can’t refuse to cover you there is no renewal you don’t worry about.

It  comes automatically and what are your share of party costs we kind of just did this kind of briefly so what are your share of party costs and just something to understand here on kind of how it functions with that deductible.

if you go into the’re going to have that deductible immediately and again in it’s thirteen sixteen of a deductible so here.

 You have Julie she win the hospital for three days it costs her one thousand #YOU TUBE  three hundred and sixteen dollars that’s her deductible so she did not have a Medicare supplement if she had a Medicare supplement it would have paid that one thousand three hundred sixteen dollars would not have cost Julie a nickel to be in the hospital so.

That’s always a very good thing and then we have what is called a single benefit period so we have Hector who went in the hospital for five days and then he was readmitted and stayed for another three days and he wasn’t out of the hospital for more than days so if you are admitted in the hospital and then you’re released and then you’re readmitted in the hospital within a day window you don’t pay that deductible

Why You Need A Full Coverage Dental Insurance !!!